Our Story

We are a family owned business that specializes in cotton & leather for the fashion industry. Based internationally from Thailand & Orange County, California, our goal is to support the community in these challenging times by crafting premium masks to promote public health for the world.


Being a mother myself, I understand how it can be hard to find a fun mask for your kids. Before PYGMY ('Pick-Me), my daughter would keep pulling hers off. Naturally, it would fall on the table or floor, which is a big mommy no-no!




And just like that, PYGMY was born. Our family designed a hands-free ultra light weight solution where the mask can become a necklace too. The 2-in-1 reversible double layer makes it more hygienic & fun to choose what fashion you're in the mood for adults & kids. 


We hope our inspiration in making these collections can help mask wearing fashionable and fun — so happy that we're able to share this product to you and the world.


Thank you. 



Miki C.  


For bulk orders of 20+ please email sales@pygmyworld.store or for custom inquiries can also reach us at (949) 342-5409